Dragon Quest Tact First Gameplay Footage Shows Battle and Some Gacha


The Dragon Quest series is getting a mobile strategy RPG called Dragon Quest Tact. Here’s new gameplay footage from V-Jump, who got early access to the game from Square Enix.

The game starts out with a tutorial for the basics. Move to any area in blue, attack any enemy monster in red. On the second turn, the Slime Knight uses its “Pre-emptive Stab” ability that hits both enemy Slimes in front.

Story quests make you select a party before entering battle. Most of it is pretty straightforward. Instead of a player/enemy phase, speed stats determine each character’s turn. The monster profiles on the upper-left part of the screen indicate the order of the turn. There are two icons on the bottom-right as well. These let you toggle “Fast” to speed up the battle and “Auto” for automated combat.

You can hit enemies for extra damage by hitting weaknesses. You can practically one-shot most monsters in the early game by doing so. Dracky’s Frizz is powerful in the boss fight against the Great Sabrecub, however, it can only use it about two times at that point.

After the battle, it shows how the Great Sabcrecub joins the party. Monsters you’ve recruited appear at the base in the main menu. You can also use the touchscreen to get various reactions from monsters.

When the player ran into a group of Metal Slimes he tries everything to beat them, but in the end, wipes to their Frizz attacks. One thing worth noting was that he still received experience points and some gold after defeat.

Lastly, we get to see a bit of its gacha in the works with a Prism Peacock banner. The player goes for a x10 roll for 3,000 gems, which you can check out at the 13:20 mark of the video. The game categorizes monsters with rarity ranks of C to S.

Dragon Quest Tact will launch for iOS and Android in Japan in 2020. Check out a teaser trailer and beta test details in our previous report.

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