Dragon Quest Tact Will Debut in Japan This Summer

Dragon Quest Tact

Square Enix announcd that Dragon Quest Tact, the upcoming strategy RPG where you lead various classic monsters across grid-based maps, will launch for smartphones in Summer 2020. Previously, the game was slated for a general 2020 launch date. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Additionally, a new promotional trailer for the game has been released. It showed off various monsters fighting against each other, including the Dragonlord from the very first Dragon Quest. The trailer offered a look at how monster attacks work in this game and how you can improve your monsters by leveling them up to strengthen them. There’s also a peek at Battle Road, a training mode where you tackle maps using predetermined monster parties.

Check out the trailer below:

Dragon Quest Tact will be a free-to-play title with gacha elements, with each monster appearing with rarity ranks of C to S. Battle turn order is determined by speed, and there’s a weakness system at play that players will have to keep track of. You can read more about gameplay in our previous article. Alongside the trailer, Square Enix announced that the game is now available for pre-registration via either submitting your email or by following the game’s Twitter account.

Dragon Quest Tact will launch for Apple iOS and Android devices in Summer 2020.

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