The latest issue of Jump has revealed the voice cast of Dragon Quest VIII on Nintendo 3DS, and also provides a glimpse of the game’s visuals. (Via: Ruliweb)


Event scenes in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII are fully-voiced and the voice-cast for the game is as follows:


  • Angelo (Yoshimasa Hosoya)
  • Jessica (Ayana Taketatsu)
  • Yangus (Fumihiko Tachiki)
  • Trode (Hiroshi Iwasaki)
  • Princess Medea (Risa Taneda)
  • Gerda (Hitomi Nabatame)
  • Morrie (Joji Nakata)
  • Dhoulmagus (Takehito Koyasu)


Dragon Quest VIII will be released in Japan on August 27th.


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