Eat Gudako’s Face With a Fate/Grand Order Sandwich Maker

Fate/Grand Order sandwich maker

Feeling salty about the results of your latest Fate/Grand Order gacha roll? Consider eating your frustration by taking a bite out of a toasty sandwich. And not just any sandwich: A Fate/Grand Order sandwich, made with a special novelty “Hot Sandwich” maker.

Sold exclusively by Japanese webshop Hobby Stock, the Fate/Grand Order hot sandwich maker is based on Learning With Manga! Fate/Grand Order, an official comic strip associated with the game. Written and drawn by artist Riyo, Learning With Manga! is a comedic parody manga, one that pokes fun at the game and even its fans. Its star is a super-deformed version of the female protagonist, who is portrayed as an irredeemable gacha game gremlin. Nicknamed “Gudako” (a portmanteau of “Grand Order” appended with the common feminine naming element “-ko”), she’s abrasive, horny, and addicted to rolling the banners for new Servants, despite being too lazy to ascend and level up the ones she has. Parody versions of other FGO Servants appear frequently, and the strip is a source of memes and in-jokes shared among the player community. Riyo even went on to design a Servant, Paul Bunyan, and create custom art for the characters trotted out each year on April Fool’s Day.

And now Gudako’s empty stare can be yours to emblazon on the bread of your choice, thanks to the Fate/Grand Order Hot Sandwich maker. Other than the custom-engraved image added to the inside of the item, it’s no different from a standard sandwich press. It’s made in Tsubame City, Niigata prefecture, an area known for high-quality metalworking. The Hot Sandwich Maker is intended to be heated, then used to squeeze a sandwich between the plates, toasting the bread and ingredients, and burning the pattern of the image into the surface of the slice. The surface is treated with fluororesin to prevent sticking, and the hinges are removable, allowing the maker to pull double duty as a frying pan. Its small size makes it portable, and it is compatible with outdoor cooking gear.

The Fate/Grand Order Hot Sandwich Maker is available for pre-order at Hobby Stock and will cost 5,500 JPY (about $54 USD). It’s expected to be delivered in March 2021. Meanwhile, Gudako-lovers can get their gacha on by playing Fate/Grand Order, which is available immediately on iOS and Android. Check out the details on the game’s ongoing Christmas Event, or try some more traditional FGO merch in the form of Nendoroid figures.

Josh Tolentino
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