Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy Will Appear Worldwide in February

Homura in Edens Zero Pocket Galaxy

Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy will appear worldwide soon. Konami announced a release date for the mobile game based on Hiro Mashima’s latest ongoing manga series. It will be available on February 24, 2022.

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A launch trailer for the Pocket Galaxy mobile game appeared on the official Edens Zero YouTube channel. It is available in two separate language versions — Japanese and English. However, there are no significant differences between both versions, including the worldwide simultaneous release date. The English trailer only added subtitles to the Japanese voiceovers.

The channel also hosts an exclusive gameplay video of Pocket Galaxy. It features captions in multiple languages, including English. In this video, Hiro Mashima showed a preview of how the game reproduces the Granbell arc story. Mashima also revealed that he personally requested Konami to add a large number of voiceovers into the game.

Konami first revealed its Edens Zero game projects at Tokyo Game Show 2020. Besides the mobile game, it is also working on a 3D action RPG for consoles. The Pocket Galaxy mobile game will have a worldwide English version in addition to the domestic Japanese release. Konami has opened pre-registration for the global release since September 2021.

Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy will appear worldwide for Android and iOS mobile devices on February 24, 2022.

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