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Elevator Music Time With ONE OK ROCK And Yakuza Restoration



So, there’s not really a lot in there, but the latest promotional trailer gives us a glimpse of some of the storyline we’ll be following in the upcoming slashy-slashy-slashy-blam-blam-blam game Yakuza Restoration.


It’s kind of light on in-game footage, though you can read more about the game’s different fighting styles as well as heat action system here. Nonetheless, the CGI looks as awesome and realistic as ever. You’ll also get to see Ryouma Sakamoto as he talks things through with others in the Shinsengumi.


The background music you hear is also provided for by J-Rock band ONE OK ROCK, who also happen to have done the theme song for Black Rock Shooter. In Yakuza Restoration, they’re singing the song “Clock Strikes” from their latest album. Feels perfect for the atmosphere!



Yakuza Restoration will be out February 22nd 2014 for PlayStation 3 and 4.