Elsword’s Dual Character, Luciel, Gets A New Job Path



KOG Games have added a new job path to Elsword for its newest character, Luciel. Lu, a demon monarch and Ciel a mob hit-man, are now one dual character with additional job paths for each. Details on both can be found below.


Lu’s new job path is the Chiliarch. Weary from fighting off demon assassins non-stop with Ciel, Lu recalls her ability to induce fear in her enemies from the time when she used to lead the demon army. As a Chiliarch, Lu wields Terror Energy harvested from fear, and uses them in various skills.


Ciel now has the Royal Guard job path. Now that Ciel has acquired great powers from the demon realm, he pours all efforts into helping Lu, so that she may win back her throne. It’s the least a butler could do. As a Royal Guard, Ciel acquires a powerful new cannon in the shape of a cross on top of being able to obtain his enemies’ soul energy to amplify his own skills.


As a dual character, Lu and Ciel are meant to introduce a new combat style to Elsword. Despite being two characters, they share a single skill tree, but how the skills in question function depend on which character is active in combat. You can also perform combination skills between the two of them.


Elsword can be downloaded for free at its official website.

Ishaan Sahdev
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