Engage In Bike Duels And Fight For Your Love In Accel Knights For DSiWare


https://www.siliconera.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/accel_knights.jpg?resize=203%2C303 DSiWare sees some pretty interesting games from time to time, and Accel Knights is the most recent on the list. The game is developed by Arte Piazza, who are best known for their work on the Nintendo DS versions of Dragon Quest IV, V and VI.


Accel Knights takes place in the fictional country of Esterio where knights ride motorcycles instead of horses. You take on the role of Eiden, one such knight. Eiden is all set to marry the princess of Esterio when a letter from the “Blue Lord” of another nation arrives, asking for her hand in marriage with a threat of war implied otherwise.


In order to prevent a war, the princess agrees. Eiden, however, is having none of it. A dueling competition is arranged, where the two knights will engage in one-on-one motorcycle duels to win the right to marry Esterio’s princess. As Eiden, you have to fight for your love.


You have three attacks: the 1st attack (aka your primary attack) and the 2nd attack (your secondary move). The 1st attack works like a regular move, while the 2nd attack involves some sort of timing game, which isn’t explained. Using both attacks bulds up magical power that you can use for the Final attack, which is your special move.


Somewhere…amidst all this motorcycle-dueling…is a card game. This, too, isn’t explained either in Inside Games’ post or on Arte Piazza’s Accel Knights website, most of which is still under construction with the game due out on Wednesday.


Accel Knights is Arte Piazza’s second self-published game on DSiWare, with the first being Pinball Attack. The music for the game is being handled by someone at Basiscape, Hitoshi Sakimoto’s sound studio. Importers can grab it for 500 DSi points from the Japanese DSiWare service on Wednesday, Japan time.


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