English Version Of Chaos Rings III Now Available On Smartphones



Square Enix has published the English version of Media.Vision’s handheld JRPG Chaos Rings III on iOS and Android.


Chaos Rings III is the fourth entry in the turn-based RPG series. It has you following a group of adventurers as they travel to a place called Neo Pascal, which is the gateway to the heavens, known as Marble Blue. Each adventurer ventures to the Marble Blue for their own reasons. Nasca wants figure out Marble Blue’s biggest mystery, Paradiso. Leary is hoping to find her father who she believes has been kidnapped and taken there.


Of course, this journey isn’t only one of discussion, this is an RPG after all so you can expect hidden treasures and big monsters to fight as well.


It’ll cost you $19.99 to purchase Chaos Rings III on the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

Chris Priestman