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English Version Of Chaos Rings III Now Available On Smartphones

By Chris . May 28, 2015 . 9:01am

Square Enix has published the English version of Media.Vision’s turn-based JRPG Chaos Rings III for iOS and Android.

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Chaos Rings II And Chaos Rings Omega For Vita Updated With English Text

By Spencer . December 30, 2014 . 11:08pm

Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy packs a brand new entry in Square Enix’s Chaos Rings series plus PlayStation Vita versions of Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega, and Chaos Rings II in one bundle.

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This Week In Sales: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Week 2

By Ishaan . October 22, 2014 . 9:32am

In its second week on store shelves, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate saw a 77% decrease from the week prior.

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Square Enix Is Giving Away Chaos Rings For Vita/PSM For Free In Japan

By Spencer . October 10, 2014 . 2:09am

To get Vita owners up to speed for Chaos Rings III, Chaos Rings for PlayStation Mobile will be a free download between October 16 to October 21. The PlayStation Mobile version can be played on a Vita as well as certain Xperia smartphones.

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Chaos Ring III’s Latest Video Shows Off Characters And Mysterious Blue Planet

By Sato . September 24, 2014 . 3:28pm

Chaos Rings III will follow the adventures of Nasca, who heads out to the planet “Marble Blue” .

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Bravely Second, Final Fantasy Explorers, And Chaos Rings III Playable At TGS

By Spencer . September 2, 2014 . 11:14pm

Square Enix shared a list of games they will bring to Tokyo Game Show and Bravely Second will be playable at the event.

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Chaos Rings III For PlayStation Vita Also Includes The First Three Games

By Sato . August 22, 2014 . 10:32am

Included in Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy are: Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega, and Chaos Rings II, in addition to the third game.

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Chaos Rings III Is About The Journey To A Mythical Blue Planet

By Sato . August 7, 2014 . 3:00am

Treasure, unexplored areas, mystical creatures, and myths, the blue planet in Chaos Rings III has everything adventurers could ask for, making it very well worth risking their lives.

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Chaos Rings III Said To Have Over 50 Hours Of Play Time

By Spencer . August 5, 2014 . 11:30pm

That’s probably a number given by Square Enix to Famitsu so we expect that to be on the high side. Nevertheless, Chaos Rings III sounds like it’s going to be a meaty game.

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Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy Screenshots Reveal Media.Vision’s Next RPG

By Spencer . August 4, 2014 . 12:48am

Square Enix released a few screenshots of Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy, the PlayStation Vita version of Chaos Rings III. Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy will be released in as a retail game, the first for the series.

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Chaos Rings III Coming To iOS, Android, And Vita On October 16

By Spencer . August 4, 2014 . 12:30am

While Square Enix made a lot of smartphone ports and spinoffs, they also developed the Chaos Rings series. Famitsu reports the fourth game in the series, Chaos Rings III, will be released simultaneously for iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita.