Cave have announced a release date for Espgaluda II HD for the iPad 2. The high-res version of the iPhone version of Espgaluda II will be released on October 13th. As always, Cave will be running an introductory sale to encourage people to buy it, and have also permanently slashed the price of the iPhone version alongside.


From October 13th – 16th, Espgaluda II HD will cost $10.99 (NA/CAN), £7.49 (UK) and €8.99 (EU). The game’s regular prices after October 16th are: $13.99 (US/CAN), £9.99 (UK), and €10.99 (EU). There’s a Lite version you can try out for free, too.


Cave are also releasing “split” versions of Espgaluda II for both iPhone and iPad 2. The split versions allow you to purchase the Arcade and Smartphone modes separately. Pricing for each mode on the two iOS platforms is as follows:


iPad 2: $6.99 (US/CAN), £4.99 (UK), €5.49 (EU)

iPhone: $3.99 (US/CAN), £2.49 (UK), €2.99 (EU)


Espgaluda II HD has new music in Smartphone mode, composed by Kenichiro Fukui and KAY, a group of three composers who worked together with him on the game. The iPhone version of Espgaluda II has been updated to include the new music as well.


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