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Etrian Odyssey X Gets A Project Re Fantasy Collab Illustration, New Map Details



Atlus shared the latest on Etrian Odyssey X with a batch of new screenshots and info, including a look at a Project Re Fantasy collaboration illustration by Shigenori Soejima, and plenty more.



Here’s a look at the world map, a first for the Etrian Odyssey series. On the map it displays labyrinths, gathering areas, events, and even E.O.Es. Other than the main labyrinths, there are “small labyrinths” that you don’t need to clear but you can take them on as challenges.


010   011

After clearing labyrinths you’ll get to acquire items at the nearby gathering areas. These parts are outside of labyrinths so your gathering skills aren’t applied, but you’ll get to gather with ease.



 008 009

MOst of the F.O.Es that appear on the world map can be found in the gathering areas. If you’re feeling confident, they’re worth challenging. The F.O.Es have a habit of moving from one gathering area to the other, but keep in mind that they can damage these areas and they won’t be gatherable for a period of time.


Here’s a look at a couple small labyrinths:


Unexplored Reservoir

016 017

019 018

You’ll visit this small labyrinth after getting info from Shilleka. They say there’s a “strange monster that can change its colors” that just might be there.


Buried Castle Ruins

012 013

014 015

You’ll get to check out this small labyrinth together with Marco and Oliver. There are many F.O.Es called Raidenjuu that appear here.


As you advance through the story of Etrian Odyssey X you’ll get to take an NPC companion. These NPCs will help out in different ways.


020 021

Brigitte is a character you meat early in your adventure. She’s a medic in training and will completely recover your party’s HP after battles.

022 023

Marco and Oliver will share all kinds of advice.


Each NPC will only help out for a period of time, but they’ll certainly be of use.



In Etrian Odyssey X you can create Guild Cards to share with others via StreetPass as well as QR code. Here are two new functions for Guild Cards:

  • Maximum number of Guild Cards you can have increased from 40 to 255.
  • You can now customize background and window colors.


025 026

With more customization options, you’ll get to create  your unique Guild Cards.



A character from a Guild Card you’ve registered may also appear in a labyrinth event. That means you might get to meet some of your friends’ characters in labyrinths.


There are a bunch of illustrations you can use for your characters:




Here are some Nightseeker illustrations by Shirow Miwa.




Here’s a collaboration illustration of Project Re Fantasy by Shigenori Soejima of Atlus.



First-print copies of the game includes a “New Adventurers Illustration Pack” with five guest illustrations from popular artists. In addition to Shigenori Soejima’s Project Re Fantasy and Shirow Miwa’s Nightseeker illustrations, it includes a Gunner by Yuki Takahata, a Medic by Mota, and a Farmer by Shigatake.


Etrian Odyssey X releases in Japan on August 2, 2018 for Nintendo 3DS. You can check out some class highlight videos starting with the new Hero class here; the Protector, Ronin, Medic, and Survivalist here; the Highlander, Gunner, and War Magus here; Sovereign, Shogun, Zodiac, Ninja, and Farmer here.

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