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Etrian Odyssey X Trailer Introduces The Pugilist And Harbinger Classes From EO5



Atlus shared the latest trailer for Etrian Odyssey X with an introduction to the Pugilist and Harbinger classes that made their debuts in Etrian Odyssey V.


The trailer starts out with the Pugilist class, also known as “Cestus” in the Japanese version. The Pugilist are melee attack-specialists with a unique ability to bind parts of enemies.


For example, the Arm Crusher does a melee bash attack with a chance of binding their arms.”Final Blow” is a powerful melee attack that has an added effect of binding the enemy’s head, arms, and legs all at once.


Next up, we have the Harbinger class, also known as the “Reaper” in the Japanese version. The Harbinger isn’t the most powerful, but it focuses on their signature skill, Miasma Armor, which enables a variety of debuffs and ailments from secondary effects.


Miasma Armor is a support skill that consumes HP for a Miasma Armor that enables additional effects and increases speed for 3 turns. They can work well with the Pugilist with skills such as “Wilting Miasma” that decreases all enemies’ ailment/bind resistance for 3 turns.


Etrian Odyssey X releases in Japan on August 2, 2018 for Nintendo 3DS. You can check out some more class highlights with the new Hero class here; the Protector, Ronin, Medic, and Survivalist here; the Highlander, Gunner, and War Magus here; the Sovereign, Shogun, Zodiac, Ninja, and Farmer here; Landsknecht, Nightseeker, Arcanist, and Imperial here.

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