Expedition Agartha Enters Early Access in August 2022

Expedition Agartha

Expedition Agartha is entering early access soon. Published by Snail Games under its Wandering Wizard label, the game was developed by Matrioshka Games as a multiplayer-oriented “hardcore looter survival game”. The early access launch date on PC (via Steam) is set for August 18, 2022.

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Check out the Expedition Agartha early access launch trailer below.

Though still in active development, Expedition Agartha has a story premise to rope players in. Its setting is a mysterious island set on the fabled Lost Continent of Mu. There players will launch expeditions into Agartha, a mystical land in the center of the earth. They’ll go exploring solo or in teams of three. Along the way they’ll face hostile NPCs and environments in search of secrets and treasure. Then, they’ll need to find their way to a departure point to get away safely with their loot. This is in contrast to battle royal-style titles like Apex Legends, which typically end a round once a team has won.

Expedition Agartha is inspired by other “extraction-style” survival games, such as Escape from Tarkov and GTFO. These games place players in an unforgiving environment and challenge them to get in and get out alive, adding a sense of risk and reward. Unlike its inspirations, though, Expedition Agartha is a medieval fantasy-style game, and its developers plan to use a first-person melee style of combat.

The early access period for the game is expected to last one to two years. The game will launch into early access with three playable maps, with five or more maps planned by full release. Each update will bring players closer to Agartha.

Expedition Agartha launches into early access on August 18, 2022 on PC.

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