Express Yourself With New Monster Hunter Rise LINE Stickers

Monster Hunter Rise LINE Stickers

Japanese SNS LINE app users will be able to use a series of Monster Hunter Rise stickers to express themselves or call friends into battle. LINE app users can redeem these free stickers until February 7, 2021. Unfortunately, these stamps will expire. Users will have up to 180 days to use these stickers from the date that they have been downloaded before they disappear from your collection.

In order to receive the Monster Hunter Rise LINE app stickers, you will need to “follow” or become a “friend” of the official Monster Hunter Rise LINE account. Doing so is fairly simple, so long as you’re using the Japanese version of the app. This offer is strictly for people in that country, meaning you will physically need to be in Japan to add the account and acquire the stickers.

If you are able to redeem the free stickers, you’ll be able to use a wide range of ink brush illustrations to quickly express yourself. These stickers include illustrations of the Hunter, the Palico, and the friendly Palamute. Other additional rewards include free LINE app Monster Hunter Rise phone wallpapers, and the latest updates directly delivered to your phone.

Monster Hunter Rise will release worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. If you get the Monster Hunter Rise LINE stickers, you will have about six months to use them.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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