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This week in Facebook Files, we’re discussing idiosyncrasies — habits that you’ve developed over your time with videogames that you can’t drop.


Anton wrote:

Do you have any peculiar habits or quirks when it comes to gaming? Something you just always do either within a game, or before/during/after playing game?


When playing a game that gives me the choice of naming my character, I’ll always name the character the name the creators have given. For instance, in any Zelda game, I always name Link as Link. In Persona 3, I’ll name the protagonist Minato Arisato. Just one of those weird things that I always do.


Ishaan wrote:

wipEout Pulse – Will not move on to a different circuit until I’ve gotten gold medals on all the ones before it. I made a single exception in this case, which haunts me to this day, and I still keep trying to Gold it to no avail.


Anything with inventory – I hate having spare items lying around. I need to sell them right away and keep my chest / inventory clean. This one comes back to bite me in the rear a lot, since you sometimes end up selling / discarding useless items that become useful later on…


Steven wrote:

In the Persona games I always named my characters something that starts with “Yo”. I almost ruined my life, came close to naming my character Yosuke!


I save like a fiend as well, every time I see a save point I use it… it bothers me bro to no end. I also like saving on the hour, so sometimes I’ll wait a minute just to get a “9:00” save or something.


I’m really OCD about playing things as close to how they were originally intended as possible as well, and I don’t mean in terms of language and translations, but on the big screen, with the proper controller, etc.


Frank wrote:

It looks like I’m the opposite of Ishaan when it comes to inventory. I NEVER get rid of anything unless I absolutely have to. I rarely organize it either unless there’s an auto-sort option.


About the only major quirk I have comes from the Fire Emblem games. I absolutely must get all the Support Conversations in those games, to the point where I plot out how to most efficiently get them. It can be quite gruelling.


Belinda wrote:

I’m also a packrat if the inventory has near-infinite space. This is especially true for weapons as I tend to keep starting weapons in RPGs. ^^


What else? Well, I hang back and grind for specific things like EXP or money so for games that can be finished in 30 hours, I’ll probably finish in 60.


I loathe fetch quests with a passion but will do them to finish all side quests in a game (if the damnable fetch quest is part of them) — I always wonder why the hell NPCs can’t just tell you everything they need in one go. Oddly enough, those relay quests where you give one item to an NPC and they give you another one which is meant for another NPC doesn’t bother me as much.


What gaming habits have you developed that you can’t seem to let go of? Fire away in the comments!

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