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Games can be scary. Scarier than books or movies in certain cases, because the medium is interactive. There’s nothing quite like watching a digital avatar of you walk through a graveyard and have a thin, furry arm claw its way out of the dirt from under your heels.


That’s right…this week, we’re talking about our scariest experiences while playing games!


Samwise wrote:

In my experiences, it was a video game that has brought me the most fear in my life. It was the yeah 2002, and I was 8-years-old. My brother’s friend had just got a Gamecube, and some games. Among them, a remake of one of his favourites: Resident Evil.


So, previously, I had watched them play some Resident Evil and I was just getting over my fear of it. But this brought on feelings of such dread, they don’t even compare to life-threatening situations I’ve been in.


So here is an 8-year-old, sitting in an unfinished basement, with his brother and his brother’s friend. While it was the first time they’d played through the remake, they’d already played through the main thing multiple times. They decided to read through all of the documents this time, however.


And then, suddenly, there’s a new element in the midst, something none of us had seen before… Lisa Trevor. I remember going upstairs to the kitchen and having my knees shaking, having to support myself on the counter.


Tommy wrote:

Hmmm… After watching a certain arc of Ghost Hunt, anything that has something ghoulish and very detailed, like the Dead Rising zombies, makes me feel sick.


What’s even scarier to me than that is any boss that you’re supposed to run from because they startle me when I least expect it and they make me lose my concentration and panic when they do that.


Anton wrote:

My brother also had a terrifying experience with the Resident Evil games on the Gamecube. He was playing Resident Evil 0 around 1 AM and was, uh … under the influence. Anyway, the experience was too much for him and he woke me up around 2 AM to assure him that there were no zombies in the house.


I guess my personal scariest moments in gaming would be watching my friend play Fatal Frame in his tiny, quiet attic. I think that the atmosphere around you is what can make or break the gaming experience. The Fatal Frame games aren’t all that scary, but in the right setting they can be.


Raphael wrote:

Kind of a coincidental surprise for me… I was playing Silent Hill 2 IIRC it was Halloween 2001, and seconds after the first cutscene with Pyramid Head, boom — power goes down… I literally screamed my nuts out…


So, what are your scariest experiences while playing a game? Mine is actually the aforementioned graveyard-meets-furry-claw scene. I don’t care to count the number of times Nightmare Creatures made me pause the game and turn my monitor off.

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