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Games, games, games. Somehow, I’ve found myself researching and writing about them more than playing them these past few years. I’m sure some of our readers would say they read about games way more than actually playing them, too.


Still, that doesn’t stop us from sneaking a few titles in when we can find the time. Some of us are more talented at this sort of thing and can actually juggle multiple titles at once…like Steven, who started this week’s Facebook topic: What are you playing right now?


Steven wrote:

What game or games are you currently playing?


Me? I’m playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Final Fantasy IX (PSN), Diddy’s Kong Quest (VC), Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (finishing sidequests).


Milki wrote:

I would be playing P3P if the PSP I ordered on Ebay would have arrived by now. But it didn’t, so the only game I’m currently playing is Dragon Quest IX. I should be playing Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3, because it’s so very awesome, but it’s also very addicting and I don’t really have any time for gaming right now. D:


I want that PSP right now so I can finally play P3P. ;_;


Patrick wrote:

Right now the games that are topping my currently playing list are Half Minute Hero – PSP (a must play for all JRPG fans), ModNation Racers – PS3, Lego Rock Band – 360, and Super Mario Galaxy – Wii. Those are what I’m trying to get through. I have quite a number of other games that I started and haven’t finished yet, but I really wanna get through these ones first.


Raphael wrote:

Juggling P3P – PSP, Resonance of Fate – PS3, Fallout 3 – PS3 and Chrono Cross – PSX (yes my PSX still works).


Logan wrote:

Strange Journey. Finally.


I’ve been switching between Persona 3 Portable and Sin & Punishment 2 myself. P3P is a bit more manageable since it’s portable, but the higher up I get in Tartarus, the less inclined I feel to keep grinding through it all over again.

What about the rest of our community? What’s on your playlist?

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