Facebook Files: What Do You Want To See In The Future Of Consoles?



This week in Facebook Files, we discuss the future of consoles. What would you like to see? Where do you think they’re headed? Fire away!


Tim wrote:

Our current gen consoles and handhelds keep getting face lifts/shrinking in physical size and hard drive space added to them. With our current generation of consoles, its a lot easier to add on features through patches and firmware, so what else do you want to see from them? And think about what you want to see next gen too. Most of these kinds of questions have been asked and answered by us before, but I thought it would be nice to do it all in one thread.


For the Playstation 3, I’m still waiting on cross game voice chat, much like the party chat system Xbox Live offers. Can’t think of anything else to input right now…


Steven wrote:

For Wii I’m wanting friend codes to go the way of the dinosaurs and for third party software to be tested for quality (there goes 85% of next year’s Wii releases…). PS3 needs to hurry up and have an emulator for PS2 games. 360 needs to let you use Microsoft points on Xbox 360 game downloads. DSi needs to have virtual console for Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance titles. PSP needs SOMETHING that’ll attract more sales (really it’s a pretty good system). I could probably think of more…


Charlie wrote:

This may be a pipe dream for the near future but… MULTIPLE DISPLAY SUPPORT both on the hardware and software end. Flat Panel TVs and monitors continue to go down in price. Personally for the first time ever I have a 17" flat panel monitor that I actually don’t have a use for, how cool would it be if I should set that up off to my left and have it show a view to the left of my character, for example. Or even more simple, make it a rear view mirror for a racing game. I can dream dammit!


Patrick wrote:

What I really want from in the future is some kind of install system for games where you don’t need to put the disc in to play it. I am a big fan of downloadable games, mainly because I like the ease of just selecting a game instead of searching though my library (Also cause my 360’s optical drive takes like 2-10 times to read any disc). I know that wont happen for a while, because people would just install the game and then sell them.


Another thing I’d like to be able to do is put save data and profile for my 360 on a regular USB Key. I’m tired of going through all the hassle to sign in on another system and then to sign in on my own system again. And I always have my USB Key on me. Even if I bought one of those 360 Memory card things, I’d never have it on me.


Anton wrote:

Like you said, downloadable games. They also have a lot of games available on fastcards these days, so you don’t need to buy a physical copy of the game. Sony in particular is really moving downloadable games forward and I really like that. =)


What I’d like to see in the future is more games available only as a download. In some cases, maybe a deluxe hard copy of the game would be available with some kind of awesome pre-order bonus. I would also like to see an online storage option, something similar to Apple’s .Mac accounts. The ability to download as many games as you want without having to worry about your hard drive filling up would be fantastic.


Raphael wrote:

A bit of a farcry but something like the machines from Yu-gi-Oh — a hologram producing console better yet a handheld… will change multiplayer experience although mostly infrastracture.

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