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This week in Facebook Files, we’re talking about games that legitimately brought a tear to your eyes, whether they were tears of happiness or sadness. Very few games actually have the ability to affect most of us to this extent, so when one does, you know it’s truly special.


Tommy wrote:

What scene in a game made you cry? Why?(Almost is good enough)


I’ll go with an obvious answer and say Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon’s last scene with the PF. Well, entire game was powerful emotionally but that’s the scene that struck me the hardest because I wasn’t expecting it.


I know I have other moments from games one normally wouldn’t expect it from but… I can’t recall them right now.


Ishaan wrote:

The PF scene from Fragile was touching, yea. Poor PF-san. :'(

It didn’t make me cry though. No, the game that half made me bawl my eyes out was Okami, in multiple places. I don’t even care to recount how many times Okami got me teary-eyed. There was the scene where Mr. Bamboo’s daughter finally leaves, the scene with Issun throwing those flyers around at the end of the game…too many to count.


Twilight Princess kind of made me fight a tear or two back, too, at the very end of the game when it’s time for Midna to leave. Persona 4 at the end of the game, too. It’s super-interesting. I feel like in the last few years, a few select Japanese developers have really figured out how to tug at the old heartstrings.


Raphael wrote:

Legacy of Kain Defiance, Raziel’s sacrifice. Probably because i got sucked in into the LoK universe really deep and i have a really soft spot for sacrificial characters(next scenes proves it..)


Metal Gear Solid 3, The Boss’ revelation that she was willing to die and go down into the anals of history as a traitor to prevent a Nuclear War. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Zack’s death. Shadow of the Colossus, the overall mood of the game that leads to a very dramatic and poetic ending.


And Beyond the Beyond, probably because its the first RPG i’ve seriously played and a friend who died years back gave the game to me..


So, what games have had made you fight back tears or even wipe a couple away? Fire away in the comments!

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