Facebook Files: Who’s Excited For Dragon Quest IX?



It’s been nearly a year since the release of Dragon Quest IX in Japan. Ever since, we’ve heard one story after another of what a smashing success the game has been, and there’s been no end to the discussions surrounding the game itself, how it compares to Square’s other titles, and the design philosophy adopted by them and Level-5 for development.


Soon enough, we get to see for ourselves what the game is like. So, who’s excited for Dragon Quest IX?


Steven wrote:


I have it preordered already. If it wasn’t for taboo I’d say that DQIX’s release is the most exciting thing for me this summer, but then I’m getting married so I can’t exactly claim that. Side note: US box art is kind of lame. I noticed that they changed to the logo design for the US release. I want the JP design.




No no no. This is completely the wrong way to think about it. What you should be figuring out is how you can get people attending the wedding to buy it so you can exchange map data in Tag Mode with all of them.


I’ve always been excited for DQIX from the point of view of someone that admires the way the game was designed. As for whether I’ll like the game itself when I see it…I really don’t know. The only Dragon Quest I’ve REALLY liked so far is V, which is heavy on characterization and relationships.


Patrick wrote:


I’ve actually never played a DQ game before. There was always another game to play. I’m kinda really interested in this one. I wish the multiplayer was online cause I don’t know how many people near me will be playing it.


Steven wrote:


Patrick, if you like JRPGs and have a PS2, you should give Dragon Quest VIII a try. It’s got beautiful cel shaded graphics and an even better music score. The story is decent and the quirky cast of characters are enjoyable. The world feels huge at times too. The best part is, the game is uber cheap to buy nowadays. Dragon Quest IX was made by the same developers of VIII to my understanding and its really good based on what I played, but the characters aren’t as involved. I was kind of hoping it would have online play as well, but I guess that will have to wait for another DQ title.

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