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Fairy Tail Erza Clip Shows How Requip Lets Her Swap Armor

fairy tail erza requip

Gust’s Fairy Tail game is going to give people a chance to explore alongside Team Natsu with various mages. That means we’ll get to see people like Erza Scarlet, a Fairy Tail Guild member who is known for her Requip: The Knight Spatial Magic. In fact, a video clip shows exactly how this sort of spell will work in the middle of battle.

With Requip: The Knight, Erza can change her armor and weapon while in the middle of a fight. (In the anime series, this can mean Sailor Moon-like transformation sequences as she goes from one set of equipment to another.) The clip from the Fairy Tail game shows off three different sets.

In this Fairy Tail Erza snippet, she begins in the Heaven’s Wheel Armor, which is plated and has metal wings. She is known for the array of different swords she can use in that set. After a brief break in her standard Heart Kreuz armor, she uses Requip to put on her Nakagami Armor with halberd. The video ends with her performing Nakagami Seisai (Nakagami Starlight, in the localizations).

A full list of the Requip: The Knight armor sets Erza will be able to use in this Fairy Tail game has not been announced.

Fairy Tail will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 19, 2020 in Europe and Japan, while it will appear in North America on March 20, 2020. Only Japanese voice acting will be available.

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