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Fairy Tail Game Releases In Japan On March 19, 2020; First-Print And Limited Edition Details

Fairy Tail Game

Koei Tecmo announced during today’s special live stream that their upcoming Fairy Tail game by Gust releases in Japan this March. We also learned about some of the bonuses and limited edition versions.

You can check out the full live stream in the above video. As for the first-print and limited edition bonuses, we’ve highlighted what’s included below:

First Print Erza First-print copies of the game come with a download code for a special Erza costume. We didn’t get a look other than a confirmation for the bonus in the livestream.

Guild Box EditionThere are two limited editions, starting with the limited “Guild Box” edition includes the following items for 14,080 yen:

  • Fairy Tail software
  • B2-size cloth poster
  • A special copy of the “Weekly Sorcerer”
  • 3D character cards (Set of 3)
  • Special sticker set

Digital-DeluxeNext is the Digital Deluxe edition comes with the following for 10,780 yen:

  • Fairy Tail software
  • Team Fairy Tail A costume set
  • Rapid Growth Lacrima (Set of 5)
  • Digital Deluxe-exclusive Gust collaboration “Ryza” costume for Lucy

GS Combo SEt

Gust Shop limited “GS Combo Set” comes with a standard edition for 20,130 yen and a Guild Box edition for 25,630 yen plus the following:

  • B2-size tapestry
  • Lacrima paperweight
  • Original soundtrack (2 discs)
  • Postcard set (Set of 5)

Furthermore, we got a look at two new illustrations for the Fairy Tail game by series creator Hiro Mashima:

Hiro Mashima Illustrations

The illustration on the left is for a package art and the one to the right is for a B2-size cloth poster.

Fairy Tail Game Release

Lastly, the standard edition of the game goes for 8,580 yen.

Fairy Tail releases for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Japan on March 19, 2020. Check our previous report for a look at game play and event scenes in a special trailer. You can also check out the latest screenshots for Kagura, Ichiya, Rogue, Sting, and Sherria here.

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