Famicom Title Gunhed: The New Battle Fan Translated Into English


gunhed 1

filler and their team of fan translators have released an English translation patch for Gunhed: The New Battle (or Gunhed: Aratanaru Tatakai), an Nintendo Famicom title that was a spinoff of the classic 1989 tokusatsu mecha film.


While the movie takes place in the year 2038, the events of the game takes place in 2040, where the events on island 8-JO have been forgotten. However, a new battle on 8-JO is about to begin, waged by a new set of people out to get the Texmexium that was previously found on the island. The game itself is a strategy game where you must defeat the island’s defense forces by building mecha units via spare parts and scavenged parts.


Here are screenshots below:

gunhed 2 gunhed 3

gunhed 4 gunhed 5

You can find the translation patch here.


Gunhed: The New Battle was released for Famicom.

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