Some time back, Capcom held a weapon design contest for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in North America and Europe. Fans in both territories were asked to design a weapon for the game, and one winning entry from North America and Europe each would be recreated by the development team and included in the game.


Earlier this month, Capcom announced the winning entry from Europe—a hilarious Hunting Horn dubbed “The Emperor’s Speech”. Shaped like a pig seated atop a throne, the weapon makes pig noises when you use it.


This past weekend, they got around to announcing the winning entry from North America as well. The bold individual that won the American contest decided to venture into uncharted waters and come up with a weapon design for 4 Ultimate’s new Insect Glaive weapon. It’s called the “Clockwork Contraption” and you can see it in action above. Additionally, the submitted concept design can be viewed below.



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