Nintendo of Europe have shared a new trailer for Fantasy Life, Level 5’s Nintendo 3DS life-simulation RPG, which is being published in North America and Europe soon.


As reported in the past, Fantasy Life allows you to choose from several “lives” (effectively, the game’s version of jobs/classes), including off-kilter ones like Woodcutter and Cook. The game has music by Nobuo Uematsu and Yoshitaka Amano contributed to the title as well, with concept art.


While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, various aspects of the game that Nintendo have discussed so far suggest that the version being localized for the West is Fantasy Life: Link, the enhanced version of the game with online multiplayer. We’ll need to wait for an official confirmation on this front, though.


Fantasy Life: Link will be released in Europe on September 26th. North America will see the game on October 24th.


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