Fate/Prototype Anime Short To Abridge Type-Moon’s Original Fate/Stay Night Story


The limited edition season 2 package of Carnival Phantasm came with a little bonus for Type-Moon fans: version 1.07 of Melty Blood Actress Again: Another Code. Season 3 will include a bonus as well.


Seasons of Change (via ANN) report that season 3 of Carnival Phantasm, Type-Moon’s comedy crossover anime series, will include a 12-minute special “Fate/Prototype” anime. This is an abridged version of the original draft for Fate/stay Night written by Kinoko Nasu.


The more passionate Type-Moon fans may recall that in the original draft, Saber was a male, and his master female. Type-Moon co-founder and artist, Takashi Takeuchi later requested that Nasu change Saber to be female, which is how the Saber we know today came about. In Fate/Prototype, Saber will be male.


Here’s Prototype’s Saber:

And here’s his master, Ayaka Sajou:

You can find more screenshots over at the Seasons of Change link above.

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