Last week, we reported that Fate/stay Night Réalta Nua would be making its way to the PC as a download game in Japan. This is actually happening very soon. Type-Moon are releasing the game one episode at a time, starting next week.


The “Fate” episode, which focuses on Saber and Shirou will be available on December 23rd. Unlimited Blade Works, which tells Archer’s story, is scheduled for January 2012. Finally, Heaven’s Feel will be released in February. Each episode will cost 2,940 yen and will run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.


Each episode will be available from once it is released, and there will be some sort of DRM protection on them. Type-Moon also released three downloadable wallpapers along with the announcement, which you can download above and below (click on the image, then right click > Save as).



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