FDG Entertainment Funds Pixel RPG Blossom Tales After Failed Kickstarter



Indie developer Castle Pixel fell short of its funding amount on Kickstarter for the action adventure-RPG game Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King last month.


However, this sad news quickly became good news as, since then, the studio has been funded by publisher FDG Entertainment to make the game.  And not just that, FDG has offered to fund Castle Pixel to make two games.


“We’re excited to announce that FDG Entertainment has agreed to fund the development of Blossom Tales and a second game we’re planning called Holo City!!!,” Castle Pixel wrote on its Facebook page.


We know about Blossom Tales already (and if you don’t, read it about it in Siliconera’s previous post), so the only mystery belongs to Holo City. Unfortunately, not much is known about it apart from what can be seen in the two screenshots below.


Looks like it’s set in a future mega city amid robots and, of course, retains Castle Pixel’s recognizable pixel art style.  There are no release dates or any other details regarding these two games yet.

Chris Priestman