FFVII The First Soldier Classic Skins and Season 2 Details Revealed

FFVII The First Soldier Season 2 Dragoon Bahamut Classic Skins

Square Enix announced new content that will appear in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier during a commemorative broadcast. When FFVII The First Soldier Season 2 begins, the Dragoon Job will be added into the game alongside Bahamut. The iconic boss and summon will be available to challenge on the field. The Teleport Materia will arrive alongside the update too. Players will also be able to obtain “classic skins” of FFVII characters in The First Soldier sometime soon.

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The skins will be of Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud. Red XIII will appear as a backpack. Players can get a “classic” version of the chocobo as well. The FFVII The First Soldier classic skins resemble the original polygonal models from the original game.

The Dragoon Job will have access to two unique abilities in FFVII The First Soldier. They are High Jump and Air Ride. High Jump will allow players to take to the skies and dive into their foes. Air Ride will allow you to temporarily to fly at a low distance around the map.

The broadcast then went on to detail how the Teleport Materia will function. Players will be able to create two points on the map to teleport to. One point will serve as a gateway to the location they’ve anchored the second teleport location to. However, the distance between these gates won’t be too big.

Finally, Bahamut will appear in FFVII The First Soldier alongside the Dragoon Job as not only a boss players can encounter on the field, but also as a summon. Bahamut will have a range of attacks. However, its most potent abilities will be Flare and a spinning attack. Players will be able to use Megaflare when using the Bahamut Materia.

You can watch an archived version of the broadcast below, with the information appearing at the 58 minute mark. However, it is only available in Japanese.

Square Enix announced a separate Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier broadcast will be held on Twitch through its English account.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available for Android and iOS devices. Season 2 will appear sometime in the future.

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