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FFXIII exclusivity is under discussion



After the out of left field news that was DMC4 going multiplatform, many people have began to assume that both MGS4 and FFXIII would be the next two major titles to jump ship. While Kojima has adamantanly made it known that he doesn’t really favor multiplatforming [MGS4], there hasn’t been much discussion about Square-Enix porting FFXIII/Versus XIII to the 360. That is, of course, until today. posted an interview translated from the French site DNR where President of SCE France George Fornay said


"The development cost of the plays exploded, it becomes difficult to have exclusivenesses, except our own plays. But we will have as of launching 30 plays, of which Motorstorm, Resistance or Virtua Fighter. Moreover, we await 200 plays from here the end of 2007. Lastly, for Final Fantasy XIII, I can say to you that exclusiveness is under discussion."


Keyphrase: the bolded part.


Could it be that Square-Enix has finally seen how much of a profit Capcom has made with taking risks with Dead Rising and Lost Planet and wants to jump in at the chance, too, or is it something else? Regardless, Sony is serious about keeping Final Fantasy XIII as a major flagship title for the PS3. Anything can happen.


What say you?

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