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FFXIV Megashiba Mount and Street Attire Outfits Appear

FFXIV Megashiba Mount and Street Attire Outfits Appear

That Final Fantasy XIV streetwear is finally here. Back in May 2022, a new outfit showed up in Korea. Now, it and a new mount are available worldwide. Folks can now buy a FFXIV Megashiba mount or Street Attire from the online store.

First, the FFXIV Street Attire costs $22. That gets you a Street Attire Coffer. Once you open it, you get a Street Cap, Street Cargo Trousers, Street Handwear, Street High-top Shoes, Street Jacket, and a Street Top. However, if you have a Hrothgar or Viera character, the hat won’t show up on them. You can use dye on these items.

The FFXIV Megashiba mount is the more expensive of the two items. It will cost someone $24. This is an account-wide item characters can ride. Once you buy it, you get a Megashiba Flute that lets you summon the giant dog. As long as you have the ability to ride mounts in-game, something you get after being able to get your own chocobo, you can use it.

Here’s a video showing it off.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The FFXIV Megashiba mount and Street Attire clothing are available worldwide as optional extra purchases.

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