FGO Developer DelightWorks Established Rasenguru To Prepare For Aniplex Transfer

DelightWorks Fate Grand Order dev team now has its own company Rasenguru

Fate/Grand Order (FGO) developer DelightWorks announced that it had established a new company hosting its game development division. This company will move to Aniplex in Spring 2022, with Yoshinori Ono as its representative director. DelightWorks named the new company Rasenguru in Japanese katakana. As of this writing, neither DelightWorks nor Yoshinori Ono has announced the official English romanization of the company’s name.

Previously in mid-December 2021, Aniplex announced the acquisition of DelightWorks’ game development division. The latter will move to a new subsidiary company under Aniplex in Spring 2022. That company shall be now known as Rasenguru. Yoshinori Ono had also confirmed that he will be part of the transfer and still get involved in video game creations.

One of the reasons for Aniplex’s acquisition was due to it being the developer of Fate/Grand Order (FGO), the mobile game available immediately on Android and iOS devices. Aniplex expressed its intention to streamline future developments of the title. After the transfer has taken place in Spring 2022, coordination for its updates will run between Aniplex, its direct subsidiary Rasenguru, and Type-Moon.

In its press release, DelightWorks also asked Fate/Grand Order (FGO) players and fans to look forward to the reorganization. The team behind the mobile game pledged to surpass fans’ expectations by improving its development and management capabilities.

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