Final Fantasy Classic Music Boxes Will Appear in 2022

Final Fantasy music boxes

Square Enix will release new music boxes based on the first six mainline Final Fantasy titles in 2022. The items will appear first in Japan in May 2022. All six music boxes are also available for pre-order on the North American Square Enix Store. They have a price tag of $17.99 and will arrive in the region in August 2022.

Each box will have a different color and design inspired by the respective title. The full list is available right below:

  1. Final Fantasy “Opening Theme” – Blue
  2. Final Fantasy II “Main Theme” – Red
  3. Final Fantasy III “The Crystal Tower” – White
  4. Final Fantasy IV “Theme of Love” – Brown
  5. Final Fantasy V “Home, Sweet Home” – Green
  6. Final Fantasy VI “Searching for Friends” – Orange

Square Enix previously released several Final Fantasy VII music boxes in 2020. The first two boxes played the title’s main theme and Aerith’s Theme. Since then, the company released more music boxes from the same title that play “On Our Way” from the remake and “Tifa’s Theme – Seventh Heaven.”

The Final Fantasy I-VI music boxes will be available in Japan in May 2022 and North America in August 2022. This merchandise collection coincides with the recent releases of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster for PCs and mobile devices. With five out of six titles available immediately, Square Enix is currently working to release the last pixel remaster for Final Fantasy VI in February 2022.

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