Final Fantasy XIII: Haeresis Rumor Confirmed


ffxiii.jpgAs if the never-ending milking of Final Fantasy XIII isn’t enough, a new title in the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga has been announced. reports that Final Fantasy XIII: Haeresis (Latin for Heresy) is a new entry in the FNC that doesn’t have a assigned platform or anything at all. So far, Haeresis has been patented both in Japan and the United States, but other than that there’s nothing else.


Could Haeresis be a PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii title? Better yet, could it be a PSP or DS title? Time will tell. Click here to view the patent and see for yourself. The odds of this either being a platformed entry or a collection of some sorts is unknown as well; but for now, let the endless wave of speculation and ambiguity begin.


Also, where do you think this new title in the FNC saga will end up? Me? I’d say either the DS or PSP. Either handheld could benefit from it even if the game turns out to be a spinoff/side-story; then again, the DS has Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings emoticon

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