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Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Pre-Release Broadcast to Include Yoshi-P

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Broadcast

Square Enix announced a special Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker pre-release broadcast for December 2, 2021. Producer Naoki Yoshida, also known as Yoshi-P, will appear on the broadcast. It will begin at 8pm JST/3am PT/6am ET/12pm CET over YouTube, Nico Nico, and Twitter. Additionally, those who wish to view the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker pre-release broadcast through YouTube can already set a reminder.

The broadcast will go through the Final Fantasy XIV 6.0 patch notes. Additionally, leader of the Item Designing Team Yosuke Hayashi will appear as a gust.

Square Enix has released the Final Fantasy XIV 6.0 preliminary patch notes ahead of the broadcast and release of the Endwalker expansion. The patch notes cover major and minor adjustments that will be made to the game. This includes significant changes to the Summoner Job Class, along with changes made to the spear fishing system in the game. The patch notes also provided a look into the return of the Role Quest system. It also features several screenshots of dungeons that will appear in the Endwalker expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker will release on December 7, 2021. Early access will begin on December 3, 2021.

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