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Final Fantasy XIV Opens Little Ladies Day 2020 Event

Little Ladies Day

“A year of surprises” may be in store for Final Fantasy XIV, but there’s still room for entirely predictable celebrations to occur. Case in point: Little Ladies’ Day. That event, which opened on March 3, 2020, has been running since 2011, during Final Fantasy XIV‘s ill-fated “1.0” period.

This year, would-be Little Ladies Day celebrants can visit the Royal Seneschal in Ul’dah to kick off the event. Players will be able to run quests for currency that can be traded for seasonal goods. The featured items are the Seneschal’s Monocle and a Princess’s Peach Blossom Hair Ornament. The items can be used for glamours, visual customization options available to players. Other prizes include a new Eastern Stage and Little Ladies Day banner item to use as housing decorations. Previous years’ items will also be available for purchase.

Little Ladies Day is based on the Japanese festival of “Hinamatsuri” or “Girls’ Day.” Celebrated on March 3rd of each year, Hinamatsuri celebrants bring out a platform to display a set of traditional dolls. The dolls are decorated to evoke the look of a historical Heian-period royal wedding and symbolize blessings for prosperity and marriage targeted at young women. Special dishes, such as “Chirashizushi (a variety of sushi involving the ingredients assembled in one dish), are prepared.

Little Ladies Day will run in Final Fantasy XIV until March 16, 2020. Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Josh Tolentino
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