Final Fantasy XIV To Explore The Dark Side Of Materia


A future patch for Final Fantasy XIV will add a Materia crafting system to the game. Like in Final Fantasy VII, using materia to gear will give you various bonuses and added abilities. In the world of Final Fantasy XIV, however, materia has its own unique origin, which is detailed on the game’s hub.


The technique for the application of materia was invented by a goblin by the name of Mutamix Bubblypots. Bubblypots was part of the Illuminati, a fraternity of goblin scholars, who discovered the materia stones and kept the secret for themselves. Believing that materia should be used for the benefit of all, Bubblypots betrayed the Illuminati and began to share his knowledge with the world.


As far as crafting is concerned, materia in Final Fantasy XIV come in four tiers, numbered from I to IV. Materia are created from weapons with which the player is fully aligned. Materia can then be attached onto another piece of gear to provide the respective bonuses and enhancements.


Interestingly, the page detailing the origins of materia also mention something about “the dark side.” The last paragraph on the page reads: “Much remains unknown about materia and its full potential. There are dark whispers, however, that tell of a forbidden branch of the craft that leads to power beyond imagining…but only at great cost.”

Ishaan Sahdev
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