An ad on indicates that Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is going to have a limited edition of some sort. Here’s the ad in question:


If you look below the art for the game, it says “Pre-order to receive your free limited edition upgrade”. While GameStop says a limited edition will be available, Square Enix haven’t announced a limited edition… yet.


One wonders just what the limited edition could contain. The Yuna costume for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, perhaps? Some sort of physical bonus, like a soundtrack CD? Or perhaps Square Enix plan to deliver content like Last Mission for Final Fantasy X-2 as DLC. They’ve been a little cagey as to whether that content will be present in the game or not.


Note that the pre-order notice appears to depend on where in the world you are. Non-U.S. residents may not see the same message.



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