Finding Paradise Coming to Mobile With New Features

Finding Paradise mobile release

Freebird Games announced that Finding Paradise will make its way to mobile devices. The iOS and Android ports of the title will feature improvements like a redesigned UI, new controls, and optimizations. The game is available for pre-registration now.

XD Network has recreated the mobile version of Finding Paradise from scratch. The iOS and Android port will feature a brand-new UI and menu redesign for mobile devices, along with tap controls and virtual joystick options. Additionally, the game will include an auto-save feature to integrate with the platforms’ inherent short bursts of play. Kan Gao, the title’s creator, appeared in an announcement trailer for the iOS and Android versions’ announcement below.

Finding Paradise on mobile will be a story-driven and emotional adventure that spans a lifetime of memories. The game’s soundtrack features songs from the creator and his friends. Additionally, Kan Gao’s real-life experiences inspired the story’s events. The title is a sequel to Freebird Games’ previous story-driven adventures: To The Moon and A Bird Story.

Finding Paradise initially launched on PC back in 2017. The devs have also been developing a Nintendo Switch version of the title. However, there is still no release window for its release on the hybrid console.

Finding Paradise will come to iOS and Android mobile devices. Players can pre-register for the game now.

Oni Dino
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