Fire Emblem Series Creator’s Berwick Saga English Fan Translation Is Complete

berwick saga

Dedicated fan translators on the Fire Emblem forum Serenes Forest announced that they have completed the full Ver. 1.0 release for Tear Ring Saga: Berwick Saga. This is the second game developed by Fire Emblem series creator Shouzo Kaga after leaving Intelligent Systems. The beta version of the translation was released in 2019.

The story deals with the Berwick League alliance and their holy war against the Raze Empire after the holy Apostle of the Kingdom of Veria is slaughtered by assassins from the Empire. Veria, which leads the Berwick League, declares war on the Raze Empire. The game begins just as the tides of war begin to shift against Veria and the Berwick League, which is in danger of being broken up.

Berwick Saga and its predecessor, Tear Ring Saga, are considered honorary Fire Emblem games by hardcore fans due to their similarities, which include a focus on giving units personality and permadeath. The game’s character designer is even Mayumi Hirota, the character designer for Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. However, this game uses a hexagonal grid, rather than square-based grid, for its maps and is much less derivative of Fire Emblem compared to the previous title, Tear Ring Saga.

Check out more screenshots below:

You can find a link to the fan translation on Serenes Forest.

With the Berwick Saga fan translation completed, most of Kaga’s games post-Intelligent Systems have been translated into English in some form. The first Tear Ring Saga got an improved English fan translation in 2018 by the Berwick Saga team, and Vestaria Saga I was released in English in 2019.

Tear Ring Saga: Berwick Saga originally released on the PlayStation 2 in Japan.

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