First 4 Figures My Hero Academia Deku Statue Glows in the Dark

First 4 Figures My Hero Academia Deku

First 4 Figures announced it is selling two statues of Izuku Midoriya aka Deku from My Hero Academia. The statue comes in either painted PVC or resin, with Deku’s One for All ability glowing in the dark. First 4 Figures is also selling both statues at a discounted price until January 28, 2022. Both figures will release in Q3 2022.

The painted 1/6 scale resin statue recreates the scene in which Deku saves All Might from a falling rock using his Shoot Style move. In addition to the glow-in-the-dark effects, the Exclusive Edition comes with a kick swoosh effect that lights up using two LED modes. The Exclusive Edition also comes with a bonus smiling expression faceplate. The Exclusive Edition will cost $499.99 ($549.99 normally), while the Standard Edition will cost $484.99 ($529.99 normally).

You can check out the resin statue in the screenshots below:

Secondly, the painted PVC statue also comes in 1/6 scale, similarly featuring two LED light-up modes. The key difference is that the PVC statue recreates a scene during the Provisional Hero License Exam. Deku kicks away several balls in the same pose as the resin statue. The One for All electricity also glows in the dark. The Standard Edition costs $134.99 ($144.99 normally).

Alternatively, you can get both statue versions via the Exclusive Combo Edition, which costs $599.99, or $654.99 without the discount. Both versions of the statue will come with a limited edition numbering and authenticity card.

You can check out both statues in the video below:

Pre-orders for the First 4 Figures My Hero Academia Deku statue are open at a discounted price until January 28, 2022. The My Hero Academia anime will return for a sixth season sometime in Fall 2022.

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