remake/port? Unfortunately, this one not as welcome as the Pokémon Gold/Silver remake.

Capcom’s press page has a listing for Resident Evil 3 for the Wii. What gives? First Resident Evil Archives, then Darkside Chronicles retelling RE2’s story…now this? Is Capcom trying to build up a fanbase on Wii in preparation for a proper, new Resident Evil game?

Let’s hope so. Everything else from inhouse Capcom on Wii lately hasn’t exactly been very exciting. We’ll probably learn more about RE3 on Wii in June.

Update: Looks like this may be a typo from Capcom. The press page says Resident Evil 3 (Wii), but Chris and Jill are in the concept art. Resident Evil 1 and Resident Zero are NOT mentioned on the press page at all. Although, it isn’t too hard to believe Capcom is working on a Resident Evil 3 port.

Update 2: “It’s either a shop or a typo. False rumor.” – Christian Svensson, Capcom.

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