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Form Your Etrian Odyssey III Guild Early



Remember the 7th Dragon online party builder? Etrian Odyssey III has one, too, now!


Also of interest is an explanation of Etrian Odyssey III’s multiplayer mode, painstakingly compiled alongside other information from Famitsu by games site DS Hyper:


"The three main type of goals for Voyage are “sea-mapping”, fishing and searching for trading cities or shrines. Players can equip their ships with various items and set the number of days they want to sail, which will affect the number of items they will received from the voyage. Voyage is also where you can set-up the 5-player co-op mode called Daikokai Quest (direct translation: Great Navigation Quest) Mode in which you and your friends can take down powerful monsters in the sea together. You can also challenge these multiplayer quests alone."


A huge thanks to Matty for the tip and the awesome research! Make sure to check out his blog for the Etrian Odyssey III underboob (and more coverage of the guild creator) if you haven’t seen it already.

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