Nintendo’s new Fossil Fighters game (titled Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear in Japan) is coming to North America as Fossil Fighters: Frontier. It will be released for the Nintendo 3DS.


Fossil Fighters is a game where you excavate Vivosaur fossils and use them to bring dinosaur-like creatures to life. You can then use these creatures to do battle in a tournament. Each Vivosaur has four parts—head, body, arms and legs—and normally, you only need the head fossil to bring one to life.


If you excavate the fossils for all four body parts, however, you get access to more skills for your Vivosaur. In Fossil Fighters: Frontier, you can drive vehicles around the world, and these have built-in radars that you use to track fossils down.


Fossil Fighters: Frontier does not have a release date yet.


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