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Here Are Four More Of Azure Striker Gunvolt’s Stages


Recently, Inti Creates showed off a few more of the bosses in Azure Striker Gunvolt, each with their own special psychic ability. Below, you can find the stages in the game pertaining to each of them, at the end of which, you’ll face off against the boss.


Mission: Abyss (Boss: Merak)

GV investigates an underwater Sumeragi base after receiving FEATHER intel that suggests that they are building a new kind of submersible armoured warship. Unfortunately, this information is a lure designed to trap GV at the bottom of the sea, where he will face Merak, who intends to destroy the base, drowning him and every other Sumeragi member stationed there.


The corridors throughout the base are teeming with soldiers. They offer a challenge, but also the chance to rack up high scores by destroying multiple enemies at once.


Merak has set up wormhole traps all over the level. GV will need to use his double jump ability to survive them.


There are also traps that submerge GV in seawater. While underwater, GV is unable to use his Flashfield and starts losing health if he stays there for too long.


Mission: Minaret (Boss: Iota)

This mission takes place at the “Amaterasu,” a communications tower that stands tall above the capital. At one time, it was used to broadcast Lumen’s songs over a wide expanse to help Sumeragi zero in on psychics. Asimov and GV have decided to attack the tower to prevent it from being used in this fashion again.


Learning to jump from one linear catapult to the next is the quickest way to clear the mission.

Linear catapults placed throughout the level launch GV at high speeds.


Enemies sometimes await GV at the end of the catapult journey.


Mission: Spintronics (Boss: Carrera)

Sumeragi operates an enormous data bank facility where information from around the world is gathered and collected. Intel suggests that clinical data on every psychic researched by the corporation can be found here. Under orders to attack the storage facility, GV has to find his way to the server room, where Carrera awaits.


Magnetic platforms can be pulled towards GV using the Flashfield. Learning to do this well is your key to clearing the level quickly.


Spiky platforms can be avoided by using magnetic traps that can be moved around using the Flashfield.


Security devices rapidly fire laser beams, but can be disabled by cleverly using the magnetic platforms.


Mission: Kaleidoscope (Boss: Zonda)

Late one night, GV receives an urgent dispatch from FEATHER—Monica and her team are in pursuit of a psychic named Zonda, who they’ve chased to his neighbourhood. Gino is injured in the process, leaving it to Gunvolt to chase Zonda down in his stead. However, as he makes his way through the neon-illuminated streets, GV finds himself dazed and confused by Zonda’s illusions.


GV will need to travel the entertainment district by jumping from building to building—making it the trickiest level to navigate.


GV progresses through the level by using a device that shoots out a wire.


Zonda’s psychic ability causes the ground and sky to switch places, making movement even more difficult than usual.


Azure Striker Gunvolt will be released in Japan on August 20th. A North American release will follow soon after, and a European release is currently in the process of being worked out as well.

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