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Funimation Switch App Being Teased

Funimation Switch App

A Funimation Switch app might be in the works. The company posted a brief video to its Twitter account showing the hybrid Nintendo console in a playful manner. Funimation originally stated it was looking into developing an app for the console way back in 2018, though nothing came of it.

The Nintendo Switch may finally get an app so users can watch anime. We first heard rumblings that Funimation was exploring an app for the console back at a C2E2 panel in 2018. More than two years later, Funimation tweeted out the below teaser. The 8-second-long video shows a Nintendo Switch console in focus peaking out from behind a laptop computer, with simple text on-screen that reads, “Oh, hello.”

At the time of this article, the Nintendo Switch has a sparse smattering of apps for streaming, anime, and comics. The comic and graphic novel app, InkyPen, is available for readers. Additionally, the major streaming service Hulu released on Switch back in 2017. The president of technology at Hulu, Julian Eggebrecht, stated in 2017 that the company was waiting on Nintendo to unlock video DRM before releasing an app for the Switch. Given that Nintendo did so shortly after launch, it’s surprising that services like Netflix and a Funimation Switch app haven’t come sooner.

We recently heard that Sony and Funimation are in the process of purchasing Crunchyroll. Could this mean a Crunchyroll app will make its way to Switch down the line, as well? We will keep you up-to-date on any future announcements regarding a Funimation Switch App.

Oni Dino
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