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Funimation Xbox Series X App Will Be Available at Launch

Funimation Xbox Series X App

Customers looking forward to the release of the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S don’t necessarily need to worry about hanging onto old consoles to get their anime fix. That is because the Funimation Xbox Series X App will be available on the console at launch. This news comes according to an official post on the Funimation website.

Users who have Funimation’s premium service will be able to stream to the new console, as well as up to four additional devices. It also offers simulcasted content and, in some cases, access to English dubs. For example, Persona 5 the Animation is available on the service in both subbed and dubbed versions.

Additionally, new dubbed One Piece episodes were recently announced for the platform. Of course, subbed episodes are also available for those who prefer to consume their anime that way.

As for the PlayStation 5, Funimation confirmed earlier in October 2020 that the app would also be available on that platform at launch. (Sony also confirmed additional services like YouTube, Disney+, and Netflix will be there when the system launches.)

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch will launch on November 10, 2020. The Funimation Xbox Series X app will be available through the Microsoft Store that same day.

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