Gachitora’s Soul Nude Battle System Bares Itself For All To See


As you might be aware, Gachitora: The Roughneck Teacher in High School involves “Soul Nude battles” where gangster-turned-teacher, Kaji Torao, has his students bare their souls to him so he can help solve their problems. Impress Watch have a nice preview of the battles in Gachitora up for perusing.


Soul Nude battles are one on one mental battles. You dish out damage using punches and kicks, and watch your opponent’s statements to understand their problems. Eventually, you’ll be able to break past the barrier your opponent has erected around their heart.


You have to be careful, however. As you continue fighting, Kaji gets angrier. And the angrier Kaji gets, the stronger Kaji gets. Ultimately, puny human no match for Kaji, so you’ll have to keep an eye on his temper. You do this by watching that gauge in the lower left corner. If Kaji starts to get too mad, you can press L + R to make him take a deep breath.


Your students won’t just stand there and take a beating, though — they’ll fight back. Students appear to have their own special moves, too. For example, Yui can release a shockwave through the power of song.


Play your cards just right, and ultimately, you’ll be able to break past your opponent’s barrier, and unleash your golden tiger technique to strip them (or their souls, if you prefer) bare.


You won’t just be limited to helping out students at your school in Gachitora, however. Kaji can also help out city dwellers and office workers using the Soul Nude battle system.

Ishaan Sahdev
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