The Grandia and Lunar developers are working on their first WiiWare game and it’s the second Wii game announced this year that relies on the concept of light and shadow, after Hudson’s Lost in Shadow. When Lost in Shadow was first shown off, people compared the art style to Ico. If I were to compare Game Arts’s Shadow Walker: Boy of Shadow, Fairy of Light to anything, aesthetically, it would have to be Lost Winds and Animal Crossing.


You play as a boy named Lux and traverse the world with a fairy named Popo. As you’d expect, you can only walk in the shadow. The game is a mix of action and platforming. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Shadow Walker looks really good for a 40 MB game. Game Arts have plenty of experience with Wii development, having worked on Super Smash Bros. Brawl and TMNT: Smash Up. Shadow Walker: Boy of Shadow, Fairy of Light releases on WiiWare on October 10 in Japan for 1,000 points. It has already been confirmed for a North American release.


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